Many Thanks For Ween

June 10, 2007

I would like to thank all of you that helped me get to the Ween show in Montreal.

Thanks to Dannielle, who took it upon herself to take the kids camping over the weekend. And to Taj for helping out with that.

Thanks to “Skippy” for informing me of the show in the first place.

Thanks to Peter and Cheryl for giving “Skippy” and I a place to stay, and eat.

Thanks to Gene and Dean for putting Montreal on the tour.

Now for a little recounting:

Losing track of time during dinner, “Skippy” and I find that we must do some fast-walking in order to make it to the Metropolis on time. Through the Mile-End, the plateau, and Downtown, speeding past children playing, people chatting, and men trying on women’s clothing, we made it to the venue with no time to spare. Walking into the crowded floor area I conceded that the ticket price was worth it, just to know that this many people dug Ween too. First, quickly to urinate, as I didn’t want any signals from my nervous system to distract me from taking in the full extent of the music. “Skippy” I’ll catch you later. So, up, up, up the stairs. To the urinals. Ahhh. Then, a thundering roar from the audience and a surly groan from those chained to their urinals (me included) by streaming liquid shackles. Quick zip and run to the floor. A quick look over the crowd and I resigned to the fact that I would not be reunited with my friend. However no sooner did I come to terms with that than I received a poke from an elated “Skippy”. The rest was shear musical power. Ween played to an amazingly attentive crowd that hung on every chord and cheered every feat of creativity like the Forum crowds of the 70’s once did for the Flower, Shutty and Lemaire. Gotta love Montreal, no matter what some 2 bit bus driver from Ontario has to say about it.


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