Oh, Canada?

June 8, 2007

Well it seems that our united Canada is doing just fine, as was evidenced by the attitude of my Coach Canada bus driver as I boarded in Toronto on route to Montreal.  When I showed surprise that there would be a different driver after our stop in Kingston the driver quipped:”I don’t drive to Montreal, I prefer to stay in Canada.  If I make one trip to Montreal a year that is one too many.”  Go Leafs Go, eh?

In this regard I tend to agree with Noam Chomsky when he says that the nation state is an unnecessary and evil human construct, I’m paraphrasing there but that is the gist of it.

And to recall one of my other great influences, Robert Anton Wilson, one day when we are all living on exo-planetary colonies, drawing energy from the virtually limitless source that is our sun, while the Earth has been declared a Galactic environmental protection zone, borders will be quite meaningless.


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