SGC 2006

September 28, 2006

I am still fighting the effects of altered time zones, and need to sleep right now, but for those of you who are keeping score:

I am in Valencia, Spain for the annual Space Generation Congress. My objective in being here is to help in the preparation of two documents produced and sponsored by the group. One document will be put forward to the established space agencies/industries/policy makers with recommendations for the use of their resources. The other document will be a strategic plan for the Space Generation Advisory Council that will ensure the implementation and completion of grass roots projects geared towards advancing our progress towards becoming a true space faring species.

We are hoping to have video of the conference procedings available on-line, for those of you who are interested in more details.

Following are a few pictures that chronicle my trip over here, I will try to find time to post more interesting photos tomorrow.

The smallest plane I have ever been on
The smallest plane I have ever traveled on.

High-speed trains from Barcelona to Valencia, at Valencia station.

The Nest hostel


Up on the roof


Good night



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