NASA Ames, Day 3

August 18, 2006

Ok, so the nitty gritty really got going on this day.

Our group split into 5 subgroups to discuss recommendations for the long term vision of Mars exploration and eventual permanent habitation.

I participated in the group that examined the human subsystems required to achieve these goals. Items discussed included the short term (getting there) missions that would be science driven and the long term habitation effort (staying there).

Our recommendations, along with those from the other groups, will be compiled into a document that will be presented to the exploration planing office at NASA.

Day 4 will be comprised of presentations from each of the main groups.

I must say I have been impressed by the intellect, passion, and cooperation of all the delegates attending this conference. It is truly amazing that folks from all over the world can get together and in a matter of a few days pool their resources and work toward a common goal, the expansion of human presence in and beyond the solar system, without prejudice or paranoia. I can’t think of a more fruitful time in history. These past few days have given me renewed hope that the world is going to rest in good hands and that when we leave it, it will be because we wish to, not because we have to.



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